Tecno Scan - Bivalent scanner for dental clinics - Tecno-Gaz industries
Art. SG001TSL
Scanner for professional use to scan impressions and orthodontic items

Tecno Scan
Bivalent scanner for dental clinics


Tecno Scan

Simple, fast, ideal: the best way to enter the digital world and perfectly manage the protocol scan of impressions and orthodontic products.

The extra oral Tecno Scan scanner has been designed to allow all dentists to enter the digital world without changing their normal operating protocols. There is no need for specific training, learning curves, practical
experience, technology predisposition, you just need to equip yourself with a Tecno Scan system, the bivalent scanner ideal for all clinics.


Scanning the impression

The scan of the complete impression takes less than a minute and thanks to the Triple Tray
system it is possible to directly insert the impression tray inside the scanner to perform an accurate, quick and precise scan. The scan is generated with an open .stl file, which will then allow the dental technician to proceed with modeling using the CAD software.


Scanning of orthodontic models

For private practitioners, there are no rules that dictate the terms of preservation of clinical  documentation, but it is advised to keep it for 10 years. It is recommended to report any alteration, loss, theft or destruction of the material. Archiving
orthodontic models has always been difficult for  dentists, as it requires the physical conservation of the product.
Thanks to a special support, Tecno Scan allows the scanning of orthodontic models and the  subsequent storage of product files, eliminating any physical storing activity.

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