Tecno Seal - Tecno-Gaz industries
Art. TA007TAU
Roll thermosealer with automatic photocell feed system

Tecno Seal

Tecno Seal is a roll thermosealer with automatic photocell feed system.

This is the ultimate expression of technology applied to medical sealing, used in medical centres, dental surgeries, hospitals and clinics. It guarantees very high output, maximum operating speed without routine maintenance; it uses precut bags sealed on 3 sides (available in various sizes and supplied by Tecno-Gaz).
This important feature allows constant control over the current sterile conditions of the instruments.
Another feature is an electronic control and management card allowing the use parameter adjustments.
The use of this machine is simple and rational.

The operator only has to insert the bag containing the instrument into the sealing machine support; the photocell automatically, autonomously feeds the bag and seals it.
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