The sandblaster is one of the most used instruments in the dental laboratory and this is why it is among the primary pieces of equipment on which every operator should carefully invest.
The main features of a modern sandblaster are: ergonomics, effi ciency, operating versatility and compliance with regulations. It is important to opt for models that are rich in accessories, safety devices and cutting edge solutions, in order to guarantee good operativeness, easy working, com- pliance with current regulations, personal protection and protection of co-workers.

Check your sandblaster and assess whether it meets all the safety requirements.

Does your sandblaster have a fume and dust extraction system?
Does your sandblaster have a safety system that permits sand to be sprayed only with the door hermetically closed?
Check its declaration of conformity and CE marking.
Safety and compliance with the regulations are important factors as regards both personal and legal aspects.

Venturi system: no clogging problems

Conventional sandblasters have sand containers under air pressure and this causes the sand to clump together, which often leads to clogging and obstruction.
SKYLAB has eliminated this problem by adopting a sand suction system using the VENTURI method. This solution allows you to avoid having pressurized sand tanks and to never have mixing of air and sand except at the tip of the hand piece. This method guarantees maximum effi ciency, avoids blockages and clogging and guarantees a very low sand consumption.

Special hand pieces for sand spraying

Each sandblaster cabinet is equipped with a hand piece for sand spraying. Each hand piece can be adapted to all types of sand: dioxides, balls, aluminas.

Each hand piece is equipped with:

adjustable ring nut that allows the tip to be calibrated according to the grain size of the sand used
lever for operating the sand spraying
comfortable handgrip