Skylab - Tecno-Gaz industries
Art. 4500/S
Sandblaster with 3 independent chambers



SKYLAB is the maximum expression of sandblaster technology in dental mechanics. No other equipment offers such advanced technological solutions.

SKYLAB is for everyone who must sandblast prosthetic products and prefers rationality, convenience and precision.

SKYLAB adapts to the operator’s needs, through transformations and personalizations.


Three sandblasters in one

When a company makes a piece of technical equipment, it has to know the operating needs of those who use it daily.
Today, the dental technician uses many types of sand and it is therefore inconceivable to use “noble” polishing sands in a chamber where heavy aluminas are used. Pollution and promiscuity will create problems during the various sandblasting stages, which is why Tecno-Gaz has made the first sandblaster with 3 independent chambers.
THREE chambers let you use aluminas, balls, dioxides and other sands and reserve a specific chamber for each individual sand. In this way, the sand’s purity is ensured, with no risk of pollution.

Each chamber has totally independent controls:
air pressure adjustment
display of pressure by means of manometer
activation of suction
self-contained lighting
self-contained sand spraying

Inside each chamber there is:
air gun for cleaning the manufactured products
handpiece for sand spraying
sieve for filtering the sand
plug for dividing pure sand and used sand
steel object holder grill


Unique features

Disposable sand or automatic recycling sand
The cabinets can be prepared according to the individual requirement of each operator, who can “organize” each cabinet:
With automatic recycling of the sand (using the special sieve filtre). The used sand is automatically filtered and put into the sand container for prompt reuse.
Disposable sand (using the special plug). In this way there is a distinction between pure and used sand. The used sand can then be sucked up with the lance supplied with the machine. Each cabinet can in any case be adapted each time to suit the requirements of the moment. A truly extraordinary solution that allows maximum operativeness and ease of use.

Integrated dual function aspirator
The sandblaster has an integrated dual function aspirator with electronic control for adjustment and control.
The aspirator fulfils two functions:
Suction of fumes and dust produced during sandblasting, to protect the operator from inhaling harmful fumes and to comply with the requirements of worker protection directives.
Suction and removal of the disposable sand accumulated in the cabinets. This function can be carried out using the lance with pipe supplied with the machine.
Skylab revolves through 240°
SKYLAB can be placed in the centre of the room and used by three workers at the same time, or it can be placed on any dental laboratory bench and used by one operator. All the chambers are usable since SKYLAB is equipped with a system that allows the equipment to be rotated with stop on each individual position. The equipment has a positioning support, specially designed to allows it to be placed on all dental laboratory benches.

Air filters
is supplied with 2 filtres:
primary filtre used to contain the dust sucked out during sandblasting and collect the sucked out sand. Code 4517/S
secondary filtre used to filtre the air being discharged, which can be cleaned. Code SSKA230


Technical Features