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Art. SA210ZSA
Air sterilisation equipment

Sterilair Pro


Protect your professional image and your reputation by protecting not only your health, but that of your colleagues and patients. Sterilair PRO is the new air sterilisation system. Sterilair PRO is a new appliance for sterilising the air, thus eliminating all the microorganisms, including the spores. The air is driven into the system's sterilisation chamber, where irradiation totally eliminates the microbial load in the air.
This device can operate continuously even in the presence of people, and ensures maximum protection for the operator.  It is simple, quiet and ergonomic. Only Tecno-Gaz can offer a sterilisation programme which is comprehensive, efficient, ergonomic and safe.

Increase of airborne infections in hospitals, operating rooms and outpatient units.
In all the clinics where aerosol sprays, compressed air and ultrasonic are used.
60% of the sprayed micro-particles are infected, 70% of those infected are smaller than 0.3 microns and are absorbed by the human body.
The human being breathes an average of 10,000 litres of air in 8 hours during work.
A high percentage of hospitalised patients contracts viral diseases via airborne infections.

Certification on the effectiveness of spore removal.
Irradiation system with high frequency UV-C lamps.
No filters to replace.
Sterilair PRO does not purify the air, but sterilises it.
Malfunction report system.
Very silent, compact, simple plug&play installation, coverage up to 100 m3

STERILAIR Pro is an air sterilising appliance which guarantees the elimination of all microorganisms, including spores.
The air is driven into the system's sterilisation chamber, which eliminates the total microbial load present in the air by irradiation. This device can operate continuously even in the presence of personnel, without creating health risks for the operators.
STERILAIR Pro is simple, silent and ergonomic.

Using am air disinfection system disinfection means:
- Reducing operator contamination risk, as required by the Health Security Act.
- Reducing or eliminating costs and loss of profits resulting from long sick leaves.
- Reducing or eliminating patients or population risks.
- Having a bacteriologically pure environment.
Sterilair PRO is an indispensable device with a very low cost, yet providing a service of great social utility.


Technical Features

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