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Art. AN001AHN
Steam autoclave

Autoclave for type N Loads


Autoclave for type N Loads

Autoclave  in compliance with EN13060 for type N Loads:
  • Microprocessor electronic system
  • Integrated system for evaluation and control
  • New electronic control panel
  • Safety door: dynamic, electromagnetic, electronic
  • Automatic cycle without operator
  • No-condensation function and automatic cut off
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • 2 water tanks
  • Tray holder with aluminum trays
  • Predisposition to osmosis system
  • Connection to external biological incubator for biological test
  • P.I.D. regulation system for quick compensation of possible change
    of parameters
  • Automatic barometric adjustment


Pre-set, non-modificable cycles
All cycles are pre-set at the factory and guarantee perfect and safe sterilization of treated materials. There is no way the operator can manipulate or alter the cycles, and this safeguards against risks deriving from human error.

Class N Load: metal or solid materials; instruments with no cavities and no obstacles to the steam penetration.

Preset temperatures
The temperatures set for our autoclave cycles are 134°C and 121°C. The 134°C cycles are normally used for the sterilization of solid and ferrous materials. 121°C cycles are normally used for sterilization of delicate materials.


Safety devices installed

Certified safety valve
PED on sterilization chambers
Insulation of the chamber with certified ceramic material.



Hydra features

The Hydra is a steam autoclave for the sterilization of instruments

2 sterilization cycles: possibility of choosing two cycles at 134°C or 121°C.
Fully automatic preheating, sterilization and drying phases.
Closure system with operator safety pin. Thermodynamic system for expelling “cold” air pockets.
Chamber made entirely of stainless steel, with band-type heating element to guarantee even heating.
4 aluminium trays.




Technical Features


Dimensions (WxHxD) 510 x 390 x 590 mm
54 kg
Power 230V - 50/60 Hz
Absorption 1,5 kW
Diameter 245 mm
Depth 320 mm


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