Art. 2127A-S
Lab Clave

Vertical Autoclave


LABCLAVE is a laboratory autoclave for vertical loading sterilization, with completely automatic microprocessor-controlled sterilization cycles.
The machine contains easy to manage devices and tanks.
Equipment management and programming is simple, ergonomic and intuitive.


LAB CLAVE features

• Fully digital control panel

• 4 automatic programmes + 1 configurable programme

• Preheating system

• System with auto switch-off device

• Single tank

• Sterilisation chamber made of AISI 304 stainless steel

• Safety valve

• Certified ceramic insulated chamber

• Integrated control system.


Control panel

No manomater, analogue controls or systems.

Preheating system
The preheating system guarantees rapid, controlled cycles.

When the equipment is not in use, a special system keeps the chamber in thermal standby mode, so guaranteeing reduced preheating times.

After an hour of idle time, the power saving mode automatically activates switch off.
The fully digital control panel has all the operating controls and panel printer.
Information about cycle parameters, time, temperature and pressure are shown on the specific displays of the control panel for clear, rapid reading.