request form for returned goods authorization


Instructions for requesting goods return:
  1.     This request must be completed in all its parts;
  2.     The return request can be made only for a single document;
  3.     The returned goods must be present in the reference document;
  4.     This request must always be sent using the RMA form published on the TECNO-GAZ website
  5.     The TECNO-GAZ Sales office in case of acceptance of the return will send IDENTIFICATION to be applied on all packages to be returned;
  6.     The TECNO-GAZ Sales office in case of NOT acceptance will send a written communication of the decision.
  7.     Goods returned without IDENTIFICATION will be rejected.
  8.     The returned goods must be packed in the original packaging.
  9.     All reconditioning costs are charged to the applicant
  10.     The shipment must be made in port Franco with the applicant's courier
  11.     The value of the returned merchandise will be reduced by 15% of the purchase price.

        ► Fill in the Return Authorization Request (RMA)