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Art. 6185FA
ASM 30 with Argon

ASM 30 with Argon


ASM 30 with Argon art.6185FA

The ASM 30 model casting machine is a fully automatic pressure die-cast casting machine. The casting process is activated by a single movement: vacuum production, overturning, compression and cooling all take place automatically.
Thanks to its exceptional resistance, ASM 30 can melt and cast all types of alloys: precious, Palladian, base, semi-base and alloys with titanium.
ASM 30
is equipped with a serial port for connection to a PC, which makes it possible to store and access all data regarding casting cycles using a special software. On user’s demand the casting machine can be equipped with an argon gas device when required.

ASM 30 has the following accessories:

assorted pots
variously-sized cylinders
rubber bases (various sizes)
1 cylinder pliers
1 protection goggles
1 package of deoxidising tablets



The heating element

The heating element is the core of the whole casting machine. It is a vital component on which Tecno-Gaz has concentrated its investments.
This heating element is a powerful combination of the best chemical and mechanical technologies. In-depth studies and the contribution of several other companies were necessary to develop a product that offers extraordinary performances and total reliability.
All the electrical contacts are managed by an aluminium rod system which, being different from common electrical cables, does not require expensive cooling systems and periodical maintenance operations.
The heating element has a safe assembling system, designed to absorb shocks and withstand high temperatures with no negative consequences.
The heating element consists of a sealed block that houses the resistor, isolated by a ceramic muffle ensuring resistor isolation and protection. The lower part contains the connection block and the junction box blocking system. The upper part contains the site to insert the crucible


Helpful hints

Use only Tecno Gaz spare parts and accessories
Casting machine servicing must be done only by Tecno Gaz authorised technicians.
The crucible must be changed before each casting.
Any bubbles or blisters on the external wall of the crucibles can be removed with a blade or scraper .
The crucibles can be used only for the number of castings reported on the instructions


Technical Features


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