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Art. LC001LOO

Surgical light

Light weight and easy to handle: Light.

Based on indirect light, a patented and therefore unique technology, ORION LIGHT offers the same quality of light as ORION 40DS and ORION TECH but with a higher handleability. ORION LIGHT Orion light is the latest innovation in the ORION range from TECNO-GAZ. The first ORION lamp was launched in 2011. In 10 years, ORION surgical lights have become the reference in lighting for dental surgery and implantology.


Two fields of illumination
with adjustable intensity.

Selection menu on the head of the lamp. This extremely precise adjustment allows the intensity to be adapted to the user’s visual sensitivity. The high power level allows the lamp to be moved away from the patient’s face, increasing the field size if necessary and maintaining sufficient intensity.

Campo illuminato
Two fields of illumination

A circular field of 24 cm. An elliptical field of 20 x 14 cm. The mouth measures 7 x 5 cm, but when moved laterally or vertically, its (virtual) dimension increases..

Uniform Itensity

The intensity selected between 40,000 and 140,000 lux is constant throughout the entire illumination point. All parts of the mouth, in all positions, will therefore receive the same intensity and the same colour. This allows the patient’s mouth to be moved without having to manipulate the lamp.

Two colour temperatures

Two temperatures for precise use of lighting, safer operations and high quality results. Ideal field of application (implantology and surgery)



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Dental or Surgery?
Maximum freedom of choice!

Choice of colour temperature: suitable for highlighting anatomical structures
Diagnosis of soft/hard tissue
Ideal functionality: implantology, surgery, diagnosis


Dental function


Illuminated field

The illuminated field of the “Dental” function at a working distance of 80 cm, is fixed at 20 x 14 cm with a depth of 10 cm.

Light intensity

The light intensity of the “Dental” function can be varied from 15.000 to 60.000 Lux, allowing a working field suitable for any non-surgical dental practice.

Cold light

Cold colour temperature to reveal hard tissue such as tooth or bone fragments.



Surgery function


Illuminated field

The illuminated field of the “Surgery” function, at a working distance of 80 cm, can be varied from 14 to 20 cm by simply pressing a button to enlarge the illuminated field (surgery is mainly performed laterally, so turning the patient’s head by 45 °C, minimum light field required is 20 cm).

Light intensity

The variation of the light intensity of the “Surgery” function ranges from 30.000 to 140.000 Lux, allowing a working field suitable for any dental surgery practice.

Warm light

Warm colour temperature to visualise soft tissues such as gums, blood vessels and blood.



Disponibile in tre versioni

Orion Light is available in three versions: wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or free-standing.


Simple installation

On-site adjustment of the column for easier installation.



Lightweight and easy

to handle for simple adjustment by the operator.