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Masterflux Smart.
The first. In the world.

The first 4.0 electronic conscious sedation system

Tecno-Gaz leader in sedation for over 25 years has developed the Master Flux Smart, the first electronic conscious sedation system with advanced IOT connectivity, 100% Made in Tecno-Gaz. 

Ease of use

Ease of use

Consumption values available for consultation, USB export


Totally safe working

Mechanical-pneumatic safety devices and electronic control of delivery settings


User and patient profiling

Patient data, baseline records. Clinical medical usage data



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Simple and intuitive, 
just a...touch away!

Simple and accessible menus, designed for maximum operation. The high possibility of customization makes the Masterflux Smart control system extremely flexible and capable of adapting to the way the operator works or to evolutions in the workflow.


Delivery settings

Display of electronically controlled settings


Autonomy display

Function for calculating and displaying remaining cylinder capacity in minutes


Exhaled gas management

Optimisation of intake flow-exhaled gas discharge flow (adjustable)


The first 
sedation device with IOT

Wi-Fi connected. Unique in the world.

MasterFlux SMART is a sophisticated electronic and mechanical engineering project with a proportioning delivery system. The electronic method enables precise adjustment of the flows by simply turning a proportioning dial. The result is a high-precision, highly reliable and easy-to-use product, interconnected to the cloud for data management (IOT).

Masterflux Smart

You can choose to connect it to the cloud for management and consultation of patient flow data on Tecno-Gaz servers, or use it independently in non-connected mode

Controllo real time

Real time control


Backup of data and statistics


Accessible from anywhere




The 5 Advantages of the Intelliflux system

With the Intelliflux system, the coupled circuit tubes can be placed above the patient’s head, on the right or left side. This enables the dentist to work comfortably on the area to be treated, without the tubing getting in the way.

Operational ergonomics

Perfectly suitable for working with 4 hands. The circuit junction is located above the patient’s head and does not create any obstacles to treatment . It is suitable for all dental practices with a focus on surgery.

Pleasant treatment

The sedated patient has a pleasant experience,
breathing through a mask that leaves no marks on
the face. Total stability guaranteed by frontal support, elastic band and mask-to-headrest locking system.

Maximum stability

Extremely stable masks due to the rigid polycarbonate central body and soft silicone profile.

It provides stability and avoids leakage.

Minimum oxygen concentration

The perfect fit of the masks, which adapt to any facial shape, enable faster, more efficient conscious sedation. Rigid polycarbonate central body + soft silicone profile for maximum grip and stability.

No leakage into the environment

The special construction of Intelliflux masks prevents gas leakage into the environment:

  • Check valve
  • Adaptive connector for dental unit suction system
  • New ‘easy breathe’ membrane
  • Adaptive silicone bearing





Perfect adaptation to the surface of the face that prevents gas leakage into the environment


Easy-to-install tubing with anti-stretch system


Silicone profile suitable for all face types, does not leave marks and ensures total comfort



Intelliflux prevents gas leakage into the environment.


Autoclavable masks for maximum hygiene


Tubes do not get in the way when working with 4 hands


What can you sterilise?

Safety always comes first


As the European leader in sterilisation, , Tecno-Gaz publishes good practice on the use of masks to prevent cross-contamination, as recommended by European legislation: EN 13060, EN17665-1, EN556-1 and the Spaulding classification. Spaulding defines the criticality of instruments used during dental treatment (critical, semi-critical, non-critical) according to their use and the possibility of contact with the patient’s skin and/or gum and tissue.
The following can be sterilised:

  • Masks made of silicone (latex-free) and polycarbonate at 134°C
  • Special autoclavable tubes (on demand) at 121°C or 134°C.

The neck strap and single-use tubes must, however, be disposed of after use.



Silicone masks



Masks with one-size-fits-all silicone front support and nasal profile in various sizes:

  • Size 1 - XS
  • Size 2 - S
  • Size 3 - M
  • Size 4 - L

Autoclavable at 134°C. Minimum: 30 cycles.



Masks structure


  1. Patient frontal area support.
  2. Gas outlet with check valve.
  3. Gas inlet with check valve.
  4. Soft, adaptive membranes to facilitate breathing.
  5. Rigid polycarbonate front unit for maximum seal with no leakage and safe for operator.


Spares and accessories


One-size-fits-all silicone front support and and nasal profile in various sizes.

Autoclavable at 134°C. Minimum: 30 cycles

  • Size 1 - XS Item No. 2ZMFA0050
  • Size 2 - S Item No. 2ZMFA0051
  • Size 3 - M Item No. 2ZMFA0052
  • Size 4 - L Item No. 2ZMFA0054


Autoclavable circuit tube

Autoclavable at 134°C. Minimum: 30 cycles

Length 1,5 metres Item No. 3MEDT0018



Single-use circuit tube


Length 50 metres with dividers Item No. 3MEDT0019



What makes Intelliflux different to other circuits on the market?


Defects in the traditional circuit

  • It is difficult to access the oral cavity with the practitioner’s instruments due to tubes passing through the cheekbone area.
  • Masks leave a mark on patients’ faces.


Defects in the non-invasive circuit

  • Leakage into the environmentand precarious stability due to sticky substance attack.
  • Rubbery material does not have a rigid core and it does not prevent distortion and loss of seal.
  • They are disposable and the cost per treatment is high.