Dea Lux - Tecno-Gaz industries
Art. 4460S
Professional Whitening Lamp

Dea Lux


Tecno-Gaz has produced Dea Lux, a new highly developed device, the maximum expression of current whitening systems.
The wavelength of Dea Lux is between 480 and 520 nm; the lamp has a special screen for the absorption of ultraviolet and infrared light, so preventing heating of the pulp and mucous membranes and avoiding/reducing their sensitivity.
A special optical fibre screen controls the light and ensures concentration of the rays, thus allowing maximum performance and reduced treatment times.

Dea Lux occupies very little space.
It has a solid, stable, balanced base with wheels, which makes it easy to move around. The full rotation system allows for any desired positioning.




Technical Features


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